Monday, August 6, 2007

Monks and Rum Cake

I buy my printer cartridges from Laser Monks - owned
and operated by the monks of Our Lady of Spring
Bank Cisterian Abbey. has a bit of an
advantage over other purveyors of ink. First of all,
they “have a 900 year tradition of community service
and outreach”. 900 YEARS! Secondly, in addition to
keeping the Abbey solvent, proceeds from sales go
to a variety of charities such as Camp Heartland,
Coffee Kids and many others.

So with my last order of printer ink, I also ordered one
of their cakes - That’s right, they sell printer cartridges
AND cake. I got the chocolate butter rum cake. There’s
a photo of their label below. Cute, huh?

Then I tried the cake. Yowsers. These monks must
abstain from all alcohol including tasting the cake batter
to see how much rum is in it. If that rum cake had been
had at the pub I would have asked the bartender to add
more coke. That is one strong rum cake. Good though.

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