Thursday, August 2, 2007

Internet Spendthrift?

So July is over - time to tally up my internet
spending for July. Not included on the list to
my right were the window screen films I
saw on Not Martha). But adding them
to the other amounts I came up with a total
of $228.53 that I spent online. And I think I
also forgot to list a book I purchased after
reading about it on Posie (about taking
photos of small items). Anyway let’s say
$250 to cover my bases - too much.

I started keeping track to see how much the
internet affects my budget. I shop on eBay
occasionally, but have added Etsy into the
mix and I read a lot of beautiful blogs that
make me want things. Those windowfilms for
example (though I really needed them because
my neighbors driveway is right by my bedroom
window and I have been keeping my shades
closed for a year.) Now my window looks like

I think my daughter being gone for a good
portion of the month added to my spending
habits - just via general boredom. And also,
hating my job makes me feel justified in
buying pretty things for their comfort factor.
“You poor thing with the mean boss, here,
have a pretty bird necklace to make you feel
better.” Still - it’s too much. So for August
I’m going to limit myself to $100.00. Wish me

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