Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Had a Bad Day

Yesterday I worked from 7am - 10:15 pm. And it was
hectic, crazed, rushed work. Today my body feels
like i ran a marathon or something. I'm so sore
I’m thinking about taking a leftover painiller from
when I had a bad toothache last month.

Days like yesterday really make me question a lot
of things - mainly, how long will it be before I quit
my job?

And thoughts like that make me want to spend more
time sewing so I can earn money in other ways. The
main thing I make for selling are vintage iPod
holders. They are little pouches made out of vintage
barkcloth. I started out with traditional florals but
then added some abstract fabric that a guy could use.
Below are some photos.

They are really nice
little pouches - many
of them I can’t bear
to sell because they
have such beautiful
old buttons. But I
need to work on my
marketing skills.
The making of them is
not the problem - it’s
the business of selling.
photographing - listing - shipping -managing.
Someone needs to create an online class in these areas.

I’m soooo tired. Time to get ready to go to work again,

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