Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buttons and Giveaways

Somewhere in my blogging travels this week,
someone posted about buttons. I love posts
about button scores. Buttons are like colored
paper clips or a big bowl of M & Ms. They
make you happy just to look at them. I have
a few large button cards from salesman sample
books and in one corner of our dining room
i have some posted on the wall. Every time
I look at them I feel good so I thought I'd
share a photo in hopes that others out there
feel the same.

And if the buttons don't make you smile then
this giveaway will. Elizabeth Holcombe is
cleaning out her shelves and giving away a
huge stack of interesting magazines to a lucky
reader. If you find out about it through my
blog and you win them instead of me, all I ask
is that you send me ONE magazine from the stash.
Just one - after you have read it of course.
You can enter here

1 comment:

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

So sorry your name wasn't the one drawn, Honey :( Get in touch with Miss Mica. She might share, although I can't speak for her ;) XXOO, Beth