Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Columbia Queen

Driving through various places in Idaho and
Washington today with my dog I saw the Columbia
Queen, a pretty riverboat that cruises up and
down the Columbia River from Astoria to
Lewiston then back again. I’ve never been big
on cruises but this boat is very pretty. If
only I could hire the entire boat and travel
up and down a few times - just me, and maybe
my family, and my dogs, sort of like in Love
in the Time of Cholera. You can read about the
Columbia Queen here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hiking outside of Helmer, Idaho last week
was the best part of my week. No people,
no noise, no guru, no method, no teacher,
just the dogs and I and nature.

Seamus enjoyed the creek and the fresh air.

Nosey blends right in . . .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Payette ID: City of Dog Haters?

I had to go to Payette ID for work this week. Looks
like a pretty place on the surface. See?

And look at this cool old gas station.

What isn’t cool is their pet policies. If a
dog is found running free (got out of the yard, slipped
off his lead, whatever) authorities can pick up the dog
and destroy him immediately. Honest.

Also, no pit bulls allowed in this county, or anything
close to a pit bull. In fact if you are driving through
the county and have a pit bull in the car you have to
get a permit from the Sheriff’s Dept or face a misde-
meanor charge. And what about the pit bull owners who
lived in Payette before the ordinance was enacted?:

"Pit bull owners living in the county prior to March 28
are required to meet stiff kenneling requirements for
their dogs, register their dogs for a fee of $500 and
obtain a one million dollar liability policy. No new pit
bulls are allowed in the county after the date of March
28, 2007."