Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Payette ID: City of Dog Haters?

I had to go to Payette ID for work this week. Looks
like a pretty place on the surface. See?

And look at this cool old gas station.

What isn’t cool is their pet policies. If a
dog is found running free (got out of the yard, slipped
off his lead, whatever) authorities can pick up the dog
and destroy him immediately. Honest.

Also, no pit bulls allowed in this county, or anything
close to a pit bull. In fact if you are driving through
the county and have a pit bull in the car you have to
get a permit from the Sheriff’s Dept or face a misde-
meanor charge. And what about the pit bull owners who
lived in Payette before the ordinance was enacted?:

"Pit bull owners living in the county prior to March 28
are required to meet stiff kenneling requirements for
their dogs, register their dogs for a fee of $500 and
obtain a one million dollar liability policy. No new pit
bulls are allowed in the county after the date of March
28, 2007."


Anonymous said...

A no stray dog policy that makes sense. Stray dogs when allowed to just run loose creates a hazard to everyone.

In Chicago there's a forest preserve with packs of stray and feral dogs. Since dogs revert to wolf instincts, would you want to jog through that forest preserve?

Same with pit bulls. Would you want stray pit bulls roaming around in your neighborhood?

Keep in mind that not everyone gets along with dogs. Dogs react to some people like they are Klingons or other enemy species to destroy. Should they live in fear for your dog utopia? There are lots of dog phobic people out there too. Care to make Xanax over the counter for them? (and there's no guarantee the fear scent won't go away)

There is enough irrational dog worship going on. We don't let the homeless urinate everywhere. Why should pets? It's still a public health hazard and disgusting.

Cats can be trained to use a litter box. Why haven't anyone succeeded at training a dog?

You can find plenty of other places with dog policies to your liking. A Payette Idaho is a rare spot in America.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you dog hating assholes. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on this bullshit planet! See how many chicks you pick-up walking a fucking cat down the beach as opposed to a big bad-ass beautiful German Shepard. You cat loving sissies make sick!!!

Anonymous said...

There are gangs of juvenile punks walking the streets in most cities. I think they do more harm than dogs. Cities that are not dog friendly should state as such on the cities information page and not try to mask it with bullshit. Saskatoon, Sk Canada would be recognized as such. Hillbilly, backwood, inbreed banjo pickers. The majority of people who own dogs know where they are. That is more than one can say about welfare parents who breed like rabbits and have kids they can't look after.

Annie said...

Payette Idaho is a prime dumping ground for people's old refridgerators, paint,computers, and crazy couch eating dogs. Some of the people who live there might take in a litter left by their front door, but if livestock are being harassed then it becomes a bigger problem. I wouldn't complain about a law that protects the locals from neglected animals dumped by their irresponsible apartment dwelling owners. It's about fixing a problem, not good Pitbull owners. No ofense dog lovers.