Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Glen

I was looking for a good Glen photo to illustrate
a snow and leg issue I was going to write about and
came across this site.

It’s always a little hard to explain when people
ask me what kind of dog Nosey Flynn is: Glen of
Imaal terrier doesn’t sound like an Irish dog or
Irish place so I usually explain that the Glen of
Imaal is a place in Ireland like the Glen of
Killarney ...

The site says:

“The Glen of Imaal is a picturesque homeland in
West Wicklow rich in culture and saturated in
history. The famous 1798 rebel Michael Dwyer was
born here and in 1998 a trail was developed
depicting his life and involvement in the
rebellion.” Maybe that’s where Nosey gets his
rebel streak.

“More recently it is visted by the increasing
numbers of hillwalkers who attempt the third
highest peak in Ireland - Lugnaquilla Mountain.
The Glen of Imaal is enveloped in a ring of
mountains Brusselstown Ring, Kaedeen, Ballineddin,
Slievemaan, Lug... Lobawn, Sugarloaf and Church.
Hence the Ring of Imaal a walking route to
challenge all levels of hillwalkers was born.”

They really take their walking seriously. Theres
the Ring of Imaal Walking Festival held every 2
years. The Wicklow Annual walking festival. And
the Wicklow Hills Endurance Festival which covers
equestrian treks throughout local hills, forests
and lands.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A New Necklace Hanger

Back in July I wrote about necklace hangers here.
I have a weakness for jewelry - like many people
do for shoes, and like a shoe collector, necklaces
can be a problem when it comes to keeping and
displaying them. In July, I converted an old oak
coat tree to a necklace hanger.

I’ve now found a very cool necklace stand that
could hold quite a few necklaces while taking up
less room than a coat tree. It’s a small silver stand
with an owl on it - available at Urban Outfitters.

I'm adding it to my "buy after Christmas maybe"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Robinson Park

We try to get to Robinson Park every weekend
and this time of year it is beautiful there.

There are steps which lead up to a nature trail.

There is a creek that borders the park and a small
stage with benches going up the hillside.

We almost never see anyone there but apparently
people bring wood and have fires in the firepits.
Then they leave their leftover for the next
person who needs it. Wwe did met a couple with a
Welsh corgi pup named Boo there once. Boo and
Nosey got along famously. But I guess they weren't

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I visited Chrysanthemum today and was reminded
of this cute Scottie pattern:

You may remember me mentioning this dog
pattern back in June when C-mum had made
a cute grey one and I wanted to make one
with a slight ear adjustment so it
looked like Nosey Flynn. See a comparison of
the real dog and the stuffed one here.

But, I never made one. Now I am re-inspired. You
can find the pattern for this Scottie dog at Allsorts.
Quite a few people have made versions of it.
I think it can be changed a little to look like many
different types of dogs. Here is one by Sweetgaldecal
that could be a West Highland Terrier.

So I’m determined to give the pattern a try - maybe
make a couple for christmas presents for some of
my dog loving friends.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Good Rescue

I've been looking for another dog to
add to our family. Somehow, the Spokane
Craig's List led me to the Three Woofs
and A Woo blog which led me to a Border
Collie Rescue in Vancouver, BC. I've been to
a lot of rescue pages lately and the one
in Vancouver is really a cut above the rest.
They are really well organized, spend
an inordinate amount of time of their
dogs and have gorgeous photos - which I
can't share with you due to copyright.
But I recommend the two links above if you
like dog art.

And here are a few of my doggie photos
to hold you over.

Here's Fergus and Bonnie in their prime and
looking quite noble I think:

We miss them.

And here's Nosey Flynn, enjoying the cool grass
(really, that's his enjoying expression!):

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snow Memories

This week's snow has brought on a new
wave of missing Fergus. She loved the snow.
We really miss her.

Nosey Flynn is missing her too.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow !!

We've got S N O W ! ! !
It's very pretty. Here'a a photo
of my house in the snow. Don't blue
and white look pretty together?

Here's another Moscow snow scene, looking
a little like Disneyland:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday - Thank you! Thank you!

Very hectic week at work, I think we will
change our office name to Bedlam. We have
a case going to the Supreme Court and everyone
is all in a tizzy. I try to de-stress by knitting.
I am making 2 scarves, a hat and a ripple blanket.
Knitting has become my nail biting equivalent.

Here's a look at the yarn I am using

It's got little twinklies in it. Thank
heavens for the calming properties of yarn.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Nice Morning Off

I love it when a day off and an energetic mood
hit at the same time. It is 9:30 in the morning
and I have already made blueberry muffins, done
the dishes, started a load of laundry, started
to clean the oven (the initial part I did - the
rest is up to my self-cleaning oven) and taken
Nosey for a walk down to East City Park. It was
cold and breezy with the last of the leaves
swirling around us - perfect morning for a walk
and we got home just in time as it is now sprinkling.

Here's a photo of Moscow's East City Park:

Monday, November 5, 2007

Back from Boise

November is the perfect time of
year to drive from Moscow to Boise.
Beautiful the while way down though my
photography skills don't quite capture

Here's a creek I stopped at when I got

I liked the town of Riggins. It reminded
me of Dunsmuir in Northern California, near
Mt. Shasta. Lots of good river views from
before riggins to McCall, another nice little
town though more touristy than Riggins. There
is a great yarn shop in McCall called Keep
Me in Stitches. I didn't think to take a photo
inside the cute little shop but on the way back
I took this photo of their patio outside the
front door. They have a beautiful selection
of natural fiber yarns and the owner is friendly
with just the right sense of humor.

and here's the not so pretty part - the prison
where I had to go to visit clients. a very very
depressing place.