Monday, November 5, 2007

Back from Boise

November is the perfect time of
year to drive from Moscow to Boise.
Beautiful the while way down though my
photography skills don't quite capture

Here's a creek I stopped at when I got

I liked the town of Riggins. It reminded
me of Dunsmuir in Northern California, near
Mt. Shasta. Lots of good river views from
before riggins to McCall, another nice little
town though more touristy than Riggins. There
is a great yarn shop in McCall called Keep
Me in Stitches. I didn't think to take a photo
inside the cute little shop but on the way back
I took this photo of their patio outside the
front door. They have a beautiful selection
of natural fiber yarns and the owner is friendly
with just the right sense of humor.

and here's the not so pretty part - the prison
where I had to go to visit clients. a very very
depressing place.

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