Friday, April 27, 2012

Fake Magazine? Container Gardens

In anticipation of fixing up my tiny backyard, I purchased a magazine
today called "Container Gardens".  I have a few containers going now,
hope to have more soon, but the main thing that caught my eye was
this blurb on the cover: "Can't Fail Combos for Sun and Shade".

        Unfortunately, there was no such
         article in the magazine. Thinking
         I'd shoot them an email asking for
         guidance and page numbers, I found
         no contact information or letter
         section in the magazine (which is
         published by Harris Publications).
         There is no website for the publication
         either. Also, no publication month. It
          is apparently an annual magazine.

I haven't bought a magazine for a long time. They are too expensive and
in most cases a waste of time. This was was one those cases and I've
learned my lesson: check the initial pages to make sure it is a legitimate,
regular publication with an internet presence or full contact information
and a real editor and staff. Who knew due diligence was necessary before
purchasing a magazine?