Thursday, July 31, 2008

Non-Chewable Tin Can Garden

When I added Seamus to our family I forgot one
very important thing about puppies: they chew
on everything. All of our furniture has chew
marks. Seamus used to pull books off our shelves
to chew on until I turned them to the walls for
protection. He even chews the plants and trees
in the front yard.

So my gardening habit has been severely curtailed
this year. Until I read about tin can gardens

So last weekend I painted and planted and posted
the cans up on the fence, high enough to be un-
reachable by Seamus. Here's some photos:


Cecilia - Balcony of Dreams said...

Clever, beautiful, useful, and keeping rubbish at an elevated state.
I'm impressed.
Thanks for the inspiration, lets see what I do with it.

Gracehoper said...

Cecilia - I know it might not happen until spring but would love to see a photo of what a pro like you does with this concept.