Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hair and Hard Water

About a month ago I noticed my hair was feeling
brittle and unclean. I also noticed a sulphur
smell to our water. This has happened before -
happens on and off at this house. Apparently
Moscow has hard water and it was taking a toll
on my hair.

When I was in my twenties I lived in Forbestown
CA for awhile in a house with no electricity and
no running water. I had to tote water up from
the creek below our house and I remembered that
when I washed my hair with this water, my hair was
softer than it had ever been.

So I am now washing my hair in spring water or
distilled water - whatever is cheapest or on sale.
actually - I still wash it in hard water but then
do the final rinse in the spring water. It has
helped enormously. I have to wash my hair in the
sink instead of in the shower, but it is worth it
to have soft hair again.

Monday, June 16, 2008


For all those who celebrate June 16, 1904,
have a very Happy Bloomsday.

and to Nosey Flynn - Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Work Today

Today at work I almost hit a deer, saw my
first Western Tanager, discovered a secret
Jacobite community and spent hours of driving
next to beautiful rivers and through gorgeous
green hills. Here’s a nice shot of the
Clearwater River near Orofino.

And here is the Gorgeous Wastern Tanager -
first spotted by Lewis and Clark when they
were near Weippe, Idaho, one of the places
where I was today. You can hear what a
Western Tanager sounds like here.

This bird was so gorgeous I gasped out
loud when I saw it. Such bright colors!

More on the Jacobites later.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snow in June

It started snowing at about 6:50 am this
morning. Yes it's June. It snowed for
over two hours. Below is a live cam
from the U of I that is placed about
a block from my office - though it
doesn't really show how hard it was
coming down.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Frugality Lessons

I recently found out that I will be losing my job
in about 11 months. My office is relocating and
I, like quite a few of my coworkers are unable to
move. For me, the move will take place just as
my daughter is about to begin her senior year of
high school. Having moved her here in the
middle of seventh grade to take this job - I don’t
feel I can put her through that again - not before
her last year of high school.

So I am trying to prepare by cutting costs, saving
money, economizing, whatever I can do. I’v found
a couple of good websites so far. They are:

Being Frugal
Be Thrifty Like Us
Frugal Dad
No Credit Needed
Mrs. Micah - Finance for a Freelance Life

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Growing Pup

Seamus continues to grow .... He's got about
five months before he reaches his full height.
Poor Nosey only had about three weeks of being
the big dog.

Seamus' face continues to change, much pointier
than as a pup. I think he's getting quite handsome.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bloomsday Comes Early in Lisbon

PORTUGAL’S IRISH Association holds Joyce
festivities on June 6th including a reading
from Ulysses by Joycean scholar, David Norris.

Admission is free and the evening will start with
a reception hosted by Vincent Herlihy of the Irish
Embassy. The performance will start at 7.30pm
and will finish by 9pm.

The Irish association is located at Casa Fernando
Pessoa, Rua Coelho da rocha N˚16, Lisbon.

One Birthday Present Down

So I posted a question on Metafilter re: ideas
needed for a sixteenth birthday for a musical
girl and got a recommendation for a Zoom H2
which I had never heard of but went ahead and

Del is always writing tunes and harmonies and
is the perfect candidate for this handy dandy
little recorder. Hopefully it isn't too hard
to figure out.

I also got her tickets to California and tickets
for her best friend to come here. About $400 but
for some reason this doesn't count as a birthday
present. I guess because I do this every summer
out of guilt for moving her away from her home town
and her best friend.

More shopping awaits for both Del's B-day and Tyler's
on the 13th. Damn June!