Sunday, October 11, 2009

Further Unravelling Begins

My class starts tomorrow: Unravelling Further.

The last class really upped my creativity level though that ended up
being bad for this blog which has been neglected. My emphasis has
been on learning about photography rather than working on my
writing (my first and true love). But it’s fall and fall has always been
good to me - maybe this fall will get me back to my wordly roots:

First task for UN - FURTHER is Why I like Fall:
Spring and Winter are tied for First Runner Up in the Favorite Season
Pageant for me. (Summer gets the Congeniality Prize). But Fall - Fall
makes me think that God may have experimented with LSD when s/he
was a teenager: magical light, surreal color, temperatures that
encourage mindfulness. During Fall, I am the person I would like to
be all year round: creative and happy.