Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cocusa Motel - Not Recommended

On our recent trip to washington we planned to
stay one night at the Cocusa Motel in Burlington.
It was reasonably priced and accepted dogs.

We really booked this room based on the internet
photos showing lots of grass and thought this
would be perfect as we were traveling with two

The motel is MUCH closer to busy streets than
the internet photos showed and on the corner of
a major freeway entrance. The photos don't
really give an accurate portrait. When you are at
the place it feels like a bad neighborhood in LA.

You can't see any grass from the outside,
apparently the grassy courtyard is only on the
inside. The woman in the office wasn't exactly
rude but when I asked, "You have a grassy area
right, because we have dogs and that's why we
booked this place" she answered "We do have a
grassy courtyard but absolutely no dogs are
allowed on the grass!" Heartless.

We were already very disheartened by the busy
location and appearance of the place - so the
No-Dog-Grass was the last straw for us and we
canceled our reservation. I didn't think about
taking a photo at the time but now I wish I
had. This place is not a good place for dogs
or families.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Renton, Wa

On the way to Bellingham last weekend Del and
I stopped in Renton, WA to see Jimi Hendrix's
grave. Supposedly the cemetery is across the
street from the neighborhood he grew up in.

It was a little strange to be there.

Monday, August 18, 2008

heat wave

The heat wave hit just as we left on our
work/shopping/reunion trip. My advice:
don't travel with two dogs and a teenager
in August.

I'm wiped out - too pooped to plog, er, blog,
so here's some photos to hold you over:

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Like my Hair

Back from Boise with a new haircut!

I was very excited to come across Graeber and
in downtown Boise. They take walk ins, have
reasonable prices and the salon itself is gorgeous.

Alison, a very cute redhead, cut my hair and was
patient with my vague description of what I wanted.
My hair looks better than I imagined - especially
the way Alison styled it. I have tried to do the
same but have no skills (or no patience) with a blow
dryer. Still, I’m very happy with it.

Had a nice breakfast at Moon’s Kitchen Cafe -
homestyle cooking with a great old-fashion waitress
and comfortable setting.

Also attended the conference, bought my daughter
a cute shirt at Lux Lounge and enjoyed the pleasant
downtown area until the heat got to me.

Boise’s a nice town - in the Fall, Winter and Spring,
but after living in Moscow I don’t know if I can ever
live in a place with high chico-esque temperatures

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Headed South

Tomorrow I head down to Boise to see
clients and attend a conference. I'll
also be stopping in McCall Idaho to pick
up some yarn at one of my favorite stores.

Keep Me In Stitches is a small but well
supplied yarn store. It's located on
136 E. Lake Street and has a gorgeous supply
of natural yarns.

Everytime I go, there are nice people sitting
inside working on some sort of project and
chatting. Just the store I need at this time
of year to get inspired for fall & winter