Monday, August 11, 2008

I Like my Hair

Back from Boise with a new haircut!

I was very excited to come across Graeber and
in downtown Boise. They take walk ins, have
reasonable prices and the salon itself is gorgeous.

Alison, a very cute redhead, cut my hair and was
patient with my vague description of what I wanted.
My hair looks better than I imagined - especially
the way Alison styled it. I have tried to do the
same but have no skills (or no patience) with a blow
dryer. Still, I’m very happy with it.

Had a nice breakfast at Moon’s Kitchen Cafe -
homestyle cooking with a great old-fashion waitress
and comfortable setting.

Also attended the conference, bought my daughter
a cute shirt at Lux Lounge and enjoyed the pleasant
downtown area until the heat got to me.

Boise’s a nice town - in the Fall, Winter and Spring,
but after living in Moscow I don’t know if I can ever
live in a place with high chico-esque temperatures

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