Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Glen

I was looking for a good Glen photo to illustrate
a snow and leg issue I was going to write about and
came across this site.

It’s always a little hard to explain when people
ask me what kind of dog Nosey Flynn is: Glen of
Imaal terrier doesn’t sound like an Irish dog or
Irish place so I usually explain that the Glen of
Imaal is a place in Ireland like the Glen of
Killarney ...

The site says:

“The Glen of Imaal is a picturesque homeland in
West Wicklow rich in culture and saturated in
history. The famous 1798 rebel Michael Dwyer was
born here and in 1998 a trail was developed
depicting his life and involvement in the
rebellion.” Maybe that’s where Nosey gets his
rebel streak.

“More recently it is visted by the increasing
numbers of hillwalkers who attempt the third
highest peak in Ireland - Lugnaquilla Mountain.
The Glen of Imaal is enveloped in a ring of
mountains Brusselstown Ring, Kaedeen, Ballineddin,
Slievemaan, Lug... Lobawn, Sugarloaf and Church.
Hence the Ring of Imaal a walking route to
challenge all levels of hillwalkers was born.”

They really take their walking seriously. Theres
the Ring of Imaal Walking Festival held every 2
years. The Wicklow Annual walking festival. And
the Wicklow Hills Endurance Festival which covers
equestrian treks throughout local hills, forests
and lands.

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