Friday, December 7, 2007


We are looking for a puppy. The right puppy.
I have applied to adopt one of the Brady Bunch,
a group of australian shepherd/lab/? puppies
who were born in a BC pound and taken in by
a compassionate woman who runs a border collie
rescue. You can read more about the Brady Bunch
here on her blog which also
has the best dog photos I have ever seen.

Since she wrote about the puppies on her blog,
I think they must have gotten lots of applications
so I'm not sure if we have a chance at Mike (or
Bobby or Cindy)

We want a mixed breed dog rather than a pure
bred. We have one pure bred and that's plenty.
And we want a puppy rather than an older dog.
Nosey was about 6 - 7 months old when we got
him. Not old exactly but out of that puppy stage.
And when we got Fergus from the pound, no one
was sure how old she was though everyone guessed
she was about a year (which would mean she died
at 15+). So now we would like to get a puppy.
Wish us luck!

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