Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Good Rescue

I've been looking for another dog to
add to our family. Somehow, the Spokane
Craig's List led me to the Three Woofs
and A Woo blog which led me to a Border
Collie Rescue in Vancouver, BC. I've been to
a lot of rescue pages lately and the one
in Vancouver is really a cut above the rest.
They are really well organized, spend
an inordinate amount of time of their
dogs and have gorgeous photos - which I
can't share with you due to copyright.
But I recommend the two links above if you
like dog art.

And here are a few of my doggie photos
to hold you over.

Here's Fergus and Bonnie in their prime and
looking quite noble I think:

We miss them.

And here's Nosey Flynn, enjoying the cool grass
(really, that's his enjoying expression!):

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