Saturday, August 4, 2007

B is for Bonnie Girl - My last letter

So this will be my last entry in the
encyclopedia of me. I'm feeling a
little constricted with having to write
about myself exclusively. BUT I think
I am going to use this idea for christmas
presents for my children. The encyclopedias
of Tyler, Reilly and Delaney (respectively).

But today - B is for Bonnie. You can see
a photo of her if you look in the sidebar
at right. Bonnie Girl was our dog for
over 13 years. She passed away this June.
We own her mother Fergus, which means we
had Bonnie from day one. She was a very
sweet dog, quite shy, extremely gentle but
with frequent moods of joy. she had a good
sense of humor. We loved her lots and that
is why B is for Bonnie.

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