Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Housewife Vacation

The title of this post makes it sound like
I am taking a vacation from being a housewife
but I am actually taking a vacation from work
next week TO BE A housewife. I'm taking four
vacation days (+ labor day) and plan on doing
all the things I should be doing on a regular
basis but don't have time for do to working
a full time job.

I will spend my vacation cleaning my fridge,
cleaning my woods floors with water and vinegar,
organizing closets, organizing my work/craft
area, making brownies, taking photos of all the
vintage items I've bought or repaired or revamped
which I now want to sell and photos also of
my vintage pouches to put on Etsy.

And of course, like the house wife above,
I will be working on Food and First Aid
packages for our troops.

I will also take one day for a day trip
somewhere, all by myself. I am so

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