Friday, August 17, 2007

Easy Do-Gooding

This Eclectic Life has a great project
going for kids with cancer that will
provide them with blankets AND lots of
good vibes and warm wishes. She is
looking for donations of granny squares
(see her site for size specifics). She
is providing afghan blankets for an
entire camp next summer and needs 4766
more squares. I would think she would
need them all by march or so to get them
made into blankets.

I found A Place To Bark awhile back and
recently gave a small donation in memory
of Bonnie who died in May. It’s a quick
and easy procedure to make a donation on

Bernie runs a full-time dog rescue in
Tennessee, taking in dogs that have been
abandoned, abused or police confiscated.
She fosters them, retrains them, and then
finds them a new home. In addition to
financial donations, they always need old
towels, blankets, baby receiving blankets,
toys, collars, leashes, cages, food, bleach,
treats, milk replacement, microscope, slides,
scale, stethoscope, muzzles, pet beds, and
cat litter.

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