Monday, August 20, 2007

Japanese Craft Book Shopping

I’m a frequent reader of Vasilisa the Fair. In addition
to the beautiful smocks she recently posted, she
also did some very cool embroidery lately from a
Japanese craft book. (That's her photo below.)

She said she got the book here and I went to
that site only to find it all to be in Finnish
which although difficult is certainly more
accessible than Japanese - but I couldn’t find
the book there. So after a bit of a struggle -
I was able to order the book from Japanese Amazon.
It took a bit of searching but I bought the book
pictured enough as well as another craft book and
paid 5100.00 yen for it which was a bit scary.
(It turned out to be $48.00 for the books an

Now I’ve gotten an email in Japanese which
I hope is a confirmation that it was sent.
They have also suggested this book:

In their email they described it as :

(Vol.1(2005はる/なつ)) (Heart warming
life series? クラフト・Caf〓 Sister) (大型本)

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