Monday, August 6, 2007

Art for Dog Lovers

The Wurst Gallery has a great exhibit online : The Wurstminster Dog Show . I was surprised and excited to see Glen of Imaal Terriers included. (Nosey Flynn is a Glen). The Glen art was by Todd Hoffman of Portland, Oregon and showed a feisty Glen with a human arm in its mouth and the caption “You sir, have just met a Glen of Imaal”. I like that - tough, but polite. Here is a fragment of the entire print.

While this is one of my favorite pieces in the show, there are LOTS of really cool pieces here, in all kinds of media. The only bad thing about it is that once the original is gone - that’s it. There are no other options. This seems like a huge oversight of marketing. Imagine how many people would have would have bought prints of postcards or totes - all with their favorite dog or a dog they used to have or a dog they want to get someday . . . It would make a great fund raiser for the Gallery and maybe a portion of the proceeds could go to the Humane Society.

Or here. I made a donation to A Place to Bark today in memory of Bonnie. )Bonnie and Fergus are to the right - Bonnie is the golden one and Nosey is below.

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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

What a wonderful print! Love it! Thanks for sahring such a lovely day! :))))) XXOO, Beth