Friday, August 3, 2007

A is for Asturies

A tip of my hat to Bella Dia for the
Encyclopedia of Me Meme, which I begin

A is for Asturias (or Asturies in Spanish)

- Once upon a time I went to Sevilla, Spain
where my friend and I and my friend were
robbed by Gypsy bandits. We made our way
back to his friend’s house in madrid. His
friend welcomed us and said “you poor things,
here is some whiskey to make you feel better”
and then “you poor people, here is some good
music to make you feel better". He then put
on a CD which would greatly impact my future.
It was Asturian music. i changed jobs because
of it (long story) and within 18 months I had
returned to Spain to visit Asturies. It isn’t
what you would expect of Spain. It is very green
and cool and rains a lot. It is a Celtic “country”.
It is one of my favorite places and I hope to go
back there soon.

1 comment:

ayalgueru said...

well done ! I am glad you like our asturies :)

A greeting from an Asturian to you and hope you will come back soon.