Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Bohemian Princess

I’ve been working on my genealogy for a number of
years now and am pleased to inform you that I am a
Bohemian Princess. That’s right, my 12 G Grandmother
was Anna of Bohemia, Queen of the Romans and
heiress of the Kingdoms of Bohemia and Hungary. It
seems that her main contribution to her kingdoms was
her 15 children, since before my G-Grandmother, the
kingdoms had suffered for centuries from a lack of
succession prospects due to premature deaths among
sickly heirs. But Anna was a picture of health. See ?

My picture is on the right of this blog. I don’t really
see a resemblance but I think I may have inherited my wide
childbearing hips from her. I descend from her thusly:
(sorry - one of the chores of being a princess is the
frequent use of the words thus and thusly)

Anna of Bohemia - Maria Hapsburg - Anna Von Kleve -
Wolfgang WIlhelm Palatine- Philip William - Elizabeth
Anna Palatine - John Von Der Burg - Hans Devauld Funderburk
-Mary Ann Funderburk- Daniel Plyler - Andrew D. Plyler -
Lula V. S. Plyler - Catherine Connolly - Michael Nolan -
Kelly Nolan aka Me, Princess Kelly.

There are 100s of thousands of people walking around today
who are descended from royalty of one sort or another, so
I don’t expect to be greeted with a parade when I go to
visit Prague (someday . . . sigh). But knowing I have a
royal ancestor does make me fell like I should dress a
little less casually and have better posture.

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annie said...

what a story!

The Virgin Mary's mother's name was Anne (as you wondered on my blog)

But I am not descended from her!