Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ebay Identify Theft

I tried to go on My Ebay yesterday and perplexed
when my password didn’t work. I’ve had the same
password for five years but for some reason it
didn’t work. Then later when I checked my email I
found four emails from eBay congratulating me on my
wins: a DVD recorded, A Sony mini-cam and two new
cell phones - none of which I had even viewed, much
less bid on.

Someone had stolen my ebay identity. The first
thing I did was change my Paypal password. I didn’t
want the thief to start accessing that account to
make payments. Then I logged on to eBay help,
eventually got to a live chat with someone who
works in the area of security and got it
straightened out. They removed the wins, sent
emails to the sellers explaining that the bids were
placed my an unauthorized user and helped me to get
control of my account back.

I’m not sure exactly what happened but it might be
along the lines of what happened here.
I feel just like the lady below.

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