Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elixir Substitutes

Since my original post about the demise of Aveda’s
Elixir I have gotten a few suggestions from
like-haired girls (i.e. frizzy)who have found
other products to use.

Cat suggested:
“Try this out! Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk
Touch Leave-In Cream (with UV shield). It's great,
maybe better than Elixir which did not have UV
protection, and it smells better than Elixir."

Then there’s this:

“I loved Elixir too, but I haven't used it
for a while. My current process is that on damp
hair (conditioned 3 times a week, shampooed once
every 3 weeks or so; I scrub conditioner into my
scalp and it cleans just as well, but isn't drying),
I apply mousse, yes, plain old pantene mousse,
and comb it through. Then I just scunch it minimally
into curls and let it air dry. it's a trick I
learned on "What not to wear" and my haiir has never
been so glossy and frizz-free!”
From Annie of Wexford Girl.

I haven’t tried these yet since I found a big bottle
of elixir for 50 cents at a yard sale, but I plan on
trying both soon. I especially want to try Annie’s
method of washing with conditioner. Will let you
know the results.

One more day (if you don’t count today) of work and
then 9 days off. My stomach gets jittery just thinking
about it!

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