Thursday, June 14, 2007

Portrait of Del

I bought another b-day present for my daughter. I found
the print below at The Black Apple-an Etsy shop.

Amazingly, it actually looks like
my daughter who is about to turn
15 has long dark hair, a round
face and big eyes. I hope she
likes it. She has been gone on
a camping trip this week so I am
also redecorating and cleaning her
room. It’s been a lot more work
than I thought.

When my new camera arrives (hopefully today) I’ll take
some photos of it. I got her duvet cover after reading one
of Posie’s posts - the print after clicking on a link to the
blog Inside The Black Apple which then led me to her shop
and I bought the camera after reading this post from Boing
Boing. The internet is getting pricey. . . but I haven’t
gotten a new camera for about five years so I don’t feel
bad about that and the rest was birthday stuff so, again,
I’m justified in my bad spending habits, right?

Next week, with birthdays behind me until December, I’ll
get back to working on my writing and making things.

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