Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bonnie Girl

My very nice dog Bonnie died last month and I have
been doing ok with it but had a quite a pang after
reading SouleMama’s entry about their dog Luka.

Bonnie was one of 13 puppies that my dog Fergus
had a few months after we took her home from the
humane society. Bonnie was the puppy we kept and
we had her for almost exactly 13 years. We still
have Fergus who is in pretty good health, though
she misses her daughter.

There’s really nothing one can say to make someone
feel better after their dog dies. One thought that
helped me though was the after-death theory that we
all die and see a light and go down a tunnel where
loved ones await us. If that it is true, I expect to
see Bonnie there. I hope its true.

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