Monday, June 4, 2007

Icing and Rain, but No Han Solo

Purchased lots of flowers and herbs with the intention of making my backyard a floral getaway but there they all sit, waiting impatiensly in their pots. It rained all weekend. Better luck this weekend. When my planting plans were thwarted I thought I would make a Han Solo Chocolate mold. (See this cool instructable by FreakCitySF) My Han Solo in Carbonite arrived on Saturday (thanks to eBay) and I went all over town looking for food grade silicone but no stores in my little town carry it. Thwarted again.

So I made cupcakes. Strawberry flavored cake - some with vanilla icing and some with chocolate. Then I had lots of icing left over so I bought crisp lemon wafers at the Co-op, iced them up and stuck them together to make scrummy (scrumptious AND yummy) sandwich cookies.

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