Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gemini Days

I have two children born in June, one on the 13th and one on the 18th. My dog Nosey is also born in June - June 16 (Bloomsday!)

I think I just about have everything ready:

For Ty - Cupcakes delivered to his Brooklyn home by Little Cupcake Bakeshop, the book Silent Scream - Alfred Hitchcock’s Sound Track by Elisabeth Weis and also a CD of music from Hitchcock’s films (Ty is a composer), a Vintage iPod Pouch, a CD of music composed and performed by his sister, a couple of childhood photo collages as gift tags and a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys which I found at Mighty Goods. The Han Solo chocolate bar (see below) will have to wait for Christmas. It’s a little hard to buy for an adult child. My feelings about it are summed up in the photo below:

For Del: The book Sew Subversive (read a review here, a tote bag with Jim Morrison’s face on it from Target, a brass old-fashion looking music stand, a really cute shirt, and most importantly - the DVD of the first season of The O.C. I still have to pick up guitar picks and a capo. I also bought her a cute duvet cover on sale (thanks to this June 5 post from Posie).

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Felicia said...

LOL It is tough to choose gifts sometimes. Sounds like you've made some excellent selections.