Friday, June 8, 2007

California Girl in Idaho

I currently live in a small town in Northern Idaho. It’s
part of the Palouse area of Washington and Idaho, an area
famous for rolling green hills and Appaloosa horses.

I moved here a little over two years ago from a medium
size town in Northern California.

There are some nice things about my current town, some
not nice things too and some strange things - which I will
elaborate on later - but one of the nicest things here is
my small house which is located:

- three blocks from Main Street
- across the street from the Historical Society
- kitty Corner to the 1912 Center (the old High School)
- on the opposite side of the same block as the Library
- a block away from the new Moscow High School, which
my daughter will attend next year.

In addition to its excellent location, it is also a very
cute little house. Here’s a photo from last fall with
my old Bonnie girl in the front.

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