Monday, July 16, 2007

Yard Sale Envy

Ms. Holcombe went to the best yard sale ever it
looks like from her post today. (Those pins! Those
buttons!!) I too went to yard sales this weekend but
in a town with a population of 24,000 the pickings
are somewhat slimmer than most places. I did find a
few nice skeins of yarn but my best buy was this little
wicker trash (or other) basket. I started out the
morning with a wicker vibe - and then literally stumbled
across this little basket sitting on the ground behind
some suitcases.

so what do I do when there isn’t much to find at yard
sales - I hit the internet. I bought 10 balls of yarn
in my daughter’s favorite color to start on a christmas
present and more jewelry to work on. My total (see
sidebar) is rising. Still - 10 balls of cotton yarn
for $23 - worth it. And a deco-ish moon pin for $4.25
- that’s almost a yard sale price.

Still I’m only half way through July and my total so far
is $ 97.56. That would be ok for a monthly total but seems
high for a two-week total.

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