Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blogs I Read Every Morning

Every morning I faithfully visit five blogs to see
what’s up. Then later, throughout the day - on
breaks or when things are slow or when I am taking
client calls (where they talk for 45 minutes) I visit
many others. But the five below are my mainstays,
for various reasons.

In no particular order:

1. Boing Boing, the blogger’s Mothership.

2. Radio Free Blogistan
One of the first blogs I started reading on a
regular basis many years ago. I read it to try
to understand techie things. For about four years
I had a literary blog (which has ceased due to its
being infected with a Paypal phishing site that I
don’t know how to get rid of) and this blog really
taught me a lot about blogging years ago. Plus the
author is a creative and bright person who lives in
the Bay Area so reading it makes me feel like home.
It's not as active as it used to be though.

3. Not Martha.
I always learn something new and interesting here.
This blog has probably cost me more than any other in
terms of cool things I feel I really need. Most recent
example - Window films with tree branches.

4. Posie Gets Cozy.
I read this daily because I envy her life. She lives
in my favorite city (Portland), seems to have an
understanding and supportive family, is very creative,
has an innate color sense and is about to own a Welsh
Corgi puppy.

5. Elizabeth Holcombe is the newest addition to this list.
We have very similar tastes - buttons, sewing, vintage
fabric. She always has great photos and interesting posts.

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