Monday, July 30, 2007

Lucky Saturday

You know how you can have weeks and weeks
of pitiful yard sales, and then one day,
everything goes right? That's how Saturday
was for me.

It was one of those lucky mornings where
everything I wanted appeared and treasures
I couldn't imagine were waiting for me.
I have been wanting wicker furniture for
my back porch and I purchased a nice set
of white wicker for SEVEN dollars. No -ty-
at the end. Just SEVEN for two wicker
chairs, an oval table and a love seat.
That would have made my day but at the
same sale I got a mirror that looks like
it should be in a church and a nice old
print of a long admired Paul Berthon print
called L'ermitage.

One block away I picked up a very cute purse
and a sleeping bag with two of my daughter's
favorite things on it: peace signs and VWs.

Then at my last yard sale I purchased a groovy
metal file box, three pretty rectangular
pillows and a beautiful stained glass floor
lamp with a dimmer (below). A few other sundry
items go unmentioned here because they pale in
comparison to what I have mentioned. Yard
sale days like these make all the sucky days
worth while.

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