Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kurta Queen

My shipment of Kurtas arrived! Very exciting!

The company did not
have a list of colors
or anything that showed
the colors of the Kurtas
so I had to guess and
hope they would turn out
okay. The colors I got
are: red, light blue,
dark blue, teal, black,
white, brown, yellow,
wine, purple and olive. The purple is a bit
darker than I expected but all the other colors
are great.

My goal is to start a small store called Tienda
I came up with the idea for purely selfish
reasons. After I moved to this town, many of
the things I like to buy, e.g. kurtas, hot sox,
were no longer available to me. So now I'll
just provide them myself.

Time to figure it all out is of course, hard to
find due to my 40 hour work week but at least
with the arrival of the kurtas I can start to
put things in motion.

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