Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broken Ankle: Six Months Later

This week marks the six month anniversary of my ankle fracture: 
a trimalleolar fracture that resulted in surgery and metal plates and 
screws being put in my ankle.

If you came across my blog by searching for “broken ankle” because you have just 
experienced this yourself, I’d first like to send you warm and empathetic thoughts.  It 
hurts like hell, doesn’t it?  And it’s a bit traumatic.  But believe me when I say that things 
will get better.

Here’s my first post about my break, then there’s one here and here and here is the 
three month update.

Six months later I am walking pretty well.  I have a slight limp, but my guess is that if you 
do the physical therapy you won’t have a limp at six months.  I didn’t have medical 
insurance, so couldn’t get the physical therapy.  My limp is lessening though so I hope in 
another month or two it will be gone completely.

I used a cane from month four-five.  I don’t use it much now but I keep it around for certain 
things like shopping at the mall with my daughter or anything else when I am going to be 
doing lots of walking on a hard surface.  I’d say I am without it 95% of the time

I still have ankle pain every day - though it is MUCH, much less than the first two months.
My ankle still swells every day.  I’m not sure when that will end.  Some days it is bad enough 
that I put ice on it,  some days it isn’t that bad. My right ankle (the broken one) is still bigger 
than my left ankle.  (See photo above) Maybe it will always be this way.

If you have friends and family to help you, things will be easier for you.  (I couldn’t have 
made it without my 18 year old daughter - Thanks Del! And my dogs were my constant 
companions - Thanks Nosey and Seamus!) 

 If you don’t have much support I’d advise surrounding yourself with your favorite books 
or watching seasons of your favorite tv shows on Netflix.  During my non-weight bearing 
time I watched all of PBS’ Bleak House, Battlestar Gallatica and the first four seasons of 
Rescue Me.  I also read lots of Henning Mankill and Jasper Fforde.

The time I spent with Esther Summerson, WIlliam Adama, Tommy Gavin, Thursday Next and 
Kurt Wallander saved me from a slow death by boredom.

So things do get better.  Keep the faith.  The first three months are the hardest but then things 
look up considerably.  Warm wishes going out to you for an easy recuperation.

Now... if I could just find a job...


Anonymous said...

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for sharing , as i have a broken anckle is going on a month and the pain is just unreal besides i get frustrated.,it is very encouriging to read your blog as now i have information as what to deal with...God Bless and hope your right foot gets back to normal size.,but at least you are walking and not depending on others,. Have a great evening, .
Mimi from CT

. said...

Mimi - Having to depend on others is one of the worst parts of having a broken ankle but if you are a month in, you are about halfway through the worst part. I still keep my foot up whenever possible and still use ice for the swelling but the pain now is very minor, nothing like at first.

I really feel for you and want you to know that it will get better - and faster than you realize.

Take care,