Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ankle Anniversary

Today is the one month anniversary of breaking my ankle.  My ankle was both dislocated and broken 
in three places, making it a trimalleolar fracture.

To clarify:
The big bone on the left ankle on the left side of the foot is the lateral malleolus. The big bone on the 
inside of the left ankle is the medial malleolus. Malleolus is singular (one); malleoli is plural (two or 
more); malleolar means pertaining to the malleolus/malleoli.
 -unimalleolar pertains to one malleolus;
 -bimalleolar pertains to the two malleoli, the lateral and medial;
 -trimalleolar pertains to three malleoli. Technically, there are two 
  malleoli, and the big bone at the tip of the tibia counts as the third.

So I go back to my OP (Orthopedic Surgeon) next week and hope to hear more about how my 
recovery will progress at that time.  My OP says that it is hard to predict: my injury is complex and 
everyone heals differently.  My internet research however has me thinking that this is a long slow 
process taking anywhere from 6 - 24 months with some people never getting 100% back to normal.

I have no insurance, but I spoke with a physical therapist when I was in the hospital and he said I 
could come in for one visit and he could teach me things to do at home on my own.  Physical therapy 
seems to be critical to a full recovery.  Here are a few sites I looked at today which I found to be helpful 
regarding therapy/exercise and a broken ankle:

It's been very hard having this injury at Christmas time.  No Christmas tree this year.  No lights
up anywhere.  I greatly miss walking.  And taking my dogs to the park.  Even things like
grocery shopping and cleaning house sound good to me now.  My sympathies go out to
anyone experiencing a similar injury.  

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Susannah Conway said...

oh hon, sounds like a bloody nightmare, i am so sorry to hear about your ankle :( am sending some English xmas cheer your way to help keep you in good spirits xxx