Monday, May 2, 2011

Laser Monks No More

A few years I wrote about a monastery company called Laser Monks, that sold 
printer cartridges to fund their monastery and other nonprofit entities.
I raved about them, citing their “900 year tradition of community service 
and outreach.” 

 I  have been ordering from them for years now but my last order, made March 
29th, never came.  I tried to log into their website but it was down for repair - and 
still is.  I finally found a number to call (their other number had been disconnected) 
and received a call back this morning from 303-468-0962, the number of Laser 
Monks Distributors.  He informed me that Laser Monks has liquidated and the only 
way to get my money back is to dispute the charges on my credit card, which I have 

Apparently there are many, many people who had their money taken, and never 
received their orders.

Not what I expected from monks. But I guess being a monk-owned business doesn't
give one sanctuary from the recession.


sojo said...

Thank you for posting this! We are in the same boat. Hoping we haven't been charged by our debit card yet. Sad to see they have troubles, but not being treated like we thought we would be by Christians, much less monks.

Sharon McBride said...

Misery sort of loves company. I'm sad that there is so much company. Today I opened a $72.95 toner package from LaserMonks (I was so enthused after reading about them in Consumer Reports! - just couldn't wait to get a printer so I could order from them). There was no toner inside my package - only the tractor that holds the toner cartridge. Disappointing. I'm on SS and will have to save up for some more. Not fair, Friars!