Thursday, May 19, 2011

Employment Issues on Metafilter

ASKED: How do I prioritize all the tasks that come with being unemployed, 
from getting help to finding a job?

I liked this kindhearted answer:
“Have a plan. Stick to the plan. Keep yourself healthy. Keep perspective. Be 
gentle on yourself and realise that you WILL get a new job. It WILL be a bit 
rough in the meantime. There's a lot you can do to make it LESS rough.

ASKED: “Should I apply for a temp agency to kickstart my stalled career??” 

I found this answer by “Patheral” interesting:

“San Francisco is big enough that you can sign up for several temp agencies 
and get enough work (if you're skilled enough) to make a good living and get 
the experience you need and desire. I did this for many many years in a 
different city/state but for different reasons. Don't just go with one temp 
agency, sign up with two or three - I had my resume in at five and I hardly 
ever wanted for work. Yes, some weeks I made a little above minimum wage 
but others I made a lot more than minimum wage - that was one of the things 
I liked about working temp... that and the variety of work places.” 

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