Monday, February 28, 2011

Ankle Fracture: 12 weeks later

I’m at the three month point since my ankle fracture.  This week I am out of 
the Airboot an into an ankle brace.  I can walk ar a slow pace in the ankle 
brace with a cane but it is painful.  I’m still using the Airboot if I go outside, 
e.g. to pick up my daughter from work, but that is because of the 2-3 feet 
of snow outside.  Once the snow melts, I’ll be able to use the ankle brace 
and cane to get around everywhere.

The problem with the ankle brace 

is that, though it is supposed to fit 

inside your shoe, it actually only fits 

inside certain types of shoes.  I have 

one pair I can wear with the brace

 - a running shoe by Merrell, not 

appropriate for snowy weather.  I 

need to buy another pair of shoes.

So this is progress. Slow, but still, moving in the right direction.  I found an
informative guide to ankle fractures online called So You Fractured Your Foot: 
Secrets to Hasten the Healing.  Wish I had found it earlier.

Other than my ankle, my biggest problem right now is the medical bills, which 
I’ll write about some other day.  But I highly recommend that if you live
within a days drive from the Canadian border, you head north when you have
a traumatic injury.

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