Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Tube

I finally opened a You Tube account and loaded some of the videos
I made over the past year.  

My first one was a video that a group of friends made for our
friend Susannah Conway, who we all met through an internet class:
Unravelling.  It was a great collaborative effort and turned out really well.

Then I made this one for my friend Barbara Ruiz in Madrid entitled Ella 
Sueña Con Su Cumpleaños  (She dreams of Her Birthday).  I incorporated 
her artwork and one of her favorite things: converse shoes.    

 I needed something with a dog in a car for a flickr group and came up
with this video of Seamus, Nosey and I (though Nosey avoided the camera) 
with a great song by Imelda May called Johnny’s Got a Boom Boom.

And this one is a sort of slide show of my trip to Coleman in Alberta, Canada 
to meet two of my fellow Unravelling friends - Sylvia and Tina.

I have a few others to upload and hope that having this account will motivate 
me to make a few more.

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

I'm still waiting for the "crazy" video from Coleman, are you planning to work on that one too? I think you should start a new career Kelly, maybe a digital storytelling? You are really good at this!!! Love :* s.