Thursday, February 3, 2011

Benadryl for Dogs


We had a scary evening with our pup Seamus on Monday. With no warning,
his face started to swell up - first around the eyes, then his jowls and forehead
and after about ten minutes his front legs started to swell. It was 11:30 pm, and
I am still unable to drive due to ankle issues, so my daughter called her boyfriend
who took her to but Benadryl.

I did some rushed research on dogs + allergies that night (here and here for example)
and benadryl is a pretty safe bet if you use it correctly. First of all - use tablets, not
liquid. Correct dosage is also important. Most sites recommend 1 mg per dog pound.
The capsules come in 25 mg so we gave Seamus two (he weighs about 60 pounds).

Within an hour of taking the benadryl his swelling started to go down. Tuesday
all of the swelling was gone except for a little around his neck and Wednesday
he was completely back to normal.

We don't know what happened exactly - allergies? spider bite? But from now on
I will make sure to keep Benadryl on hand at home.  Of course, if your dog has any
health conditions or is on any other medication, check with your vet before giving

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Fi and Sylvia said...

Aww! Poor puppy (and you!) You must have been so worried. I'm glad you managed to sort the problem out. It's heart-wrenching when they get sick and can't tell you what the problem is. I'm so relieved it was a happy ending. I wonder what on earth it was that caused the swelling?!

Soapy's face kept swelling up last Summer. The first time, it was so bad, she looked like a Sharpei! :-) I remember freaking out with worry, but luckily it was just a small reaction, confined to her face and was nowhere near as bad as poor Seamus. At first, we thought it was spider bites... and then one day, I watched her sneaking up behind a wasp and pouncing on it! She'd swat it and make it mad. So, it would sting her and make her mad. She'd swat it again and make it madder. It would sting her again... etc. :-/ Only my Sophie could be so dumb! :-))))

Hope Seamus steers clear of whatever he's allergic to in future. Lots of love to you all. Fi xx