Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teenage Valentine

It’s tough buying a valentine’s gift for an 18 year old girl.  Usually I just get 
some sort of bakery treats for breakfast and serve them on our special 
vintage red glass dishes, which we use only on special occasions.

This year, since my daughter has been doing so much for me during my 
recuperation, I wanted to do something a little more special.  

I found the lovely shamrock necklace pictured below at Emerson Made and 
got that for her.  I didn’t really like the muslin pouch the necklace came in so 
I made one of my own using vintage barkcloth with a pink satiny lining.  I 
couldn’t make it upstairs to my sewing machine so did the whole thing by 
hand (which I really enjoyed).

I put the pouch over an I Love You flyer with tear off’s so she can take an
I Love You with her if she ever needs a little extra affection.

1 comment:

Fi and Sylvia said...

beautiful story. and beautiful gift, too. your daughter is very lucky to have such a loving mama. fi xx