Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sandpoint-Pretty but Pricey

The Sandpoint portion of my trip yesterday was
VERY disappointing. Lake Pend Oreille is beautiful
- no dispute there but the town itself is geared
towards the rich tourist and there is little of
the lake that can be accessed by the public (at
least near Sandpoint). Private property, ritzy
hotels take up the majority of the coastline though
I think at the eastern portion of the lake one
might have better luck.

A nice but modest house goes for 650,000. I saw a
cute blouse an a downtown store for $240.00. A
cute rayon top was going for $149.00. The Cedar
Street Bridge shopping area - a pretty space for
stores which reaches over a portion of the lake -
is over 50% empty, priced too high for people to
afford to open a business.

It was a little like a small Beverly Hills with a

Next time I'll skip the town and head over to Hope,
Priest River or Coolin.



Anonymous said...

right on!! :O)

someone that can purchase a 'modest' home for $650k can probably swing a blouse for $149.

a little secret..some of us local town folk shop via internet (we have that now). better...

Gracehoper said...

The original citizens of Sandpoint have it the worst. Living in such a pretty unspoiled place and then see it turned into a resort and prices soar.

hopefully the local town folk will ride it out and find ways of getting around the steep prices (like the internet)