Thursday, September 13, 2007

Etsy Shopping

Tomorrow is PAYDAY and I am going to allow
myself a modest purchase on etsy. I’m considering
this Guinness soap, though I may wait and use it
for christmas presents. (If you shower with Guinness
soap before work - do you come to work smelling
like a brewery?)

Then there is this very nice knitting bag, but the price
tag puts it above the range of modest, I think. I’ll
shop around today and let you know what I decide on.

I think I’m going to buy something from Etsy every
payday, maybe start on holiday shopping now and
have it finished early. I consider Etsy a good cause
since in my imagination - it consists of people like
me : single moms (or single women) doing what
they can to get by or doing what they can to try
and get out of a negative work situation. I’m sure
that’s true for some Etsy sellers at least.

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