Monday, September 24, 2007

Joann's Fabrics and Cia's Palette

I’m not a big fan of Joann’s Fabrics. They are
stingy with their fabric for one thing. I always
feel like I am getting shorted an inch or so on
the yardage I buy. They also have a surfeit of
surly employees. At the Joann’s in Moscow (the
only fabric store in town) there is one nice lady
with an accent; everyone else is surly.

Then there is this story:

“Jo-Ann Fabrics Refuses To Let Customer Use Bathroom,
Even As She Suffers Diarrhea Right In Front Of Them”

Luckily I found a great fabric store online: Cia’s

I received my first order this weekend and the
fabrics are great.

My favorites are this paisley floral:

and this cute dog print:

She has a huge selection of very cool fabrics.
And very nice service to boot.

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Lana said...

Nice post.!! well, I am a big fan of JoAnn Fabrics. Its my favorite store to buy beautiful fabrics.