Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodnight Moons

Things were crazy at work on Monday and Tuesday.
Incredible hectic. Someone mentioned it must be the
full moon. I thought it couldn’t be that - they aren’t
crazy on a monthly basis - so maybe this week’s moon
was a Blue Moon (the rare occurrence of two full
moons in one month OR the Third full moon in a
season with four full moons) but nope - it wasn’t that

This week’s moon is the Harvest Moon - the full moon
closest to the Autumnal Equinox. This month’s moon,
and next month’s moon, rise about 30 minutes faster
than the other moons (something to do with the narrow
angle of the sun’s eliptical path) so there is no period of
darkness between sunset and moonrise. Next month’s
moon, the Hunter’s Moon, will be similar: Rising early,
appearing extra large (an illusion) and appearing more
colorful (due to being seen through lower portions of
the atmosphere, e.g. pollution).

It turns out that every month’s moon has a name:

November = Snow Moon
December = Winter Moon
January = Wolf Moon
February = Ice Moon
March = Storm Moon
April = Growing Moon
May = Head Moon
June = Mead Moon
July = Hay Moon
August = Corn Moon

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