Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Elixir Post

Last month while in Boise, scoping out the town,
I got my hair cut at an Aveda salon and got a
new take on the mysterious demise of Aveda Elixir.
(old posts about Elixir can be found here, here and
here. )

When I asked the girl cutting my hair “Whatever
happened to Elixir?” in my best investigator-like
nonchalant voice, used to throw off witnesses when
I am trying to get at important information, she

“Oh I think that was because it was found to contain
cancer causing ingredients. That happens sometimes
at our staff meetings. They’ll tell us this or that is being
discontinued because they have just found out one
of the ingredients causes cancer ...”

That would certainly explain why they have a hush-hush
attitude towards the whole thing.

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Natalie said...

That is crazy. I can't imagine why they couldn't get a similar formulation by finding a substitute for the one ingredient though. The Smooth whatever it's called stuff that is supposed to be better is nothing like Elixir imo. I wrote Aveda a letter telling them that I would not use any other Aveda products or visit any Aveda salons and I haven't. I have naturally wavy hair that I can wear straight or wavy. I have completely stopped wearing my hair wavy because a mix of confixir and elixir was the only product that I found to keep my hair frizz free while keeping some hold in my curls/waves. Now I wear my hair straight and just flat iron it to death. I try every couple of months to wear it wavy but it always looks horrible, and I've tried a million different products. When I look at pictures of my long wavy hair during elixir days it makes me sad sad sad. ANYWAY, I never thought losing a hair product would make me so sad. Just happened upon your blog and thought I would comment. :)