Saturday, April 4, 2009

National Tartan Day

Monday, April 6 is National Tartan Day, the national
holiday for all Scottish Americans. Though the
majority of my ancestors are Irish, I was pleased to
discover the existence of a GGGGG-Grandfather
named Thomas Lockett, born in Lanark, Scotland.
Lockett is a name which many to believe to be a
form of Lockhart, perhaps mangled into Lockett
upon coming to the US.

In 1683 Thomas Lockett bought land from Priscilla
Farrar. This land was described as "on Appomattox
River between the Spring and Deep Bottom" in Virginia.
Thomas named his land "Scotland Hills" and left it to
his oldest son, Benjamin Lockett, in his will.

Below is the tartan of Clan Lockart. You can look up
the tartan for your clan here.

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