Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aveda - The Third Circle of Hell

Once upon a time there was a remarkable hair
product for people with curly or frizzy hair
called Aveda Elixir. It was a great product
until some evil ne'er-do-well (with smooth sleek
hair no doubt) discontinued the product.

You can read about my past frustrations with the Aveda
Product Elixir here and here

Today I got an anonymous comment from another
former Aveda user:

“I just spoke to a representative at Aveda who said
that Elixir was discontinued because it was of their
"HIGH" standards, and now they have a new product
for $24.00 that is better. I asked her for a sample,
and she told me to go out and buy one. I told her
I've been buying this product probably before she was
born. I'm so pissed I can't tell you...I have curly
hair and elixir was the only product that ever made
my hair look good... “

I completely commiserate. Not only is it bad business
to discontinue a popular product without any warning
or explanation, it’s also just plain stupid not to
offer free samples of the new product you’re trying
to replace the old product with.

I used to be a big Aveda fan but really, those people
have no class. Nor manners.

As for my hair, I've learned to embrace my natural
curl ...

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